About Us

Surgicare of Hawaii’s management team is focused on providing the highest level of care and communication to our patients, physicians specialists and their staff.

We greatly value our patients and their families confidence in entrusting us with their safety, comfort, and convenience while we provide optimal clinical care.

Our physicians operating in an advanced technological surgical environment enjoy a partnership that provides an efficient extension of their offices for cost effective alternatives, and time saving features to augment today’s medical practice.

Our foundation, our team, our teammates – we respectfully pledge our commitment to provide training, education and the advancement of the work environment through dedicated corporate support.

Our Leadership Team

Administrator: Rochelle Ginez, MSN-Ed, RN
Medical Director, Chief of Ambulatory Surgery Centers, Hawaii Pacific Health:  Gareth Nakasone, M.D.   
Director of Nursing: Jane Abordo, BSN, RN
Business Office Manager: Jocelyn Kalahiki, CPCS, CPC, CPB 
Quality Risk Manager:  Shanelle Mirafuentes, BSN

To care for our patients, serve our physicians, and improve healthcare in Hawaii.

Our Values

Clinical Quality We are committed to outstanding patient care and clinical outcomes.
Integrity We do what is right, no matter how difficult, without exception.  We say what we mean, and we do what we say.
Service Excellence We seek to exceed the expectations of patients, physicians and each other in everything we do.
Teamwork We work together, helping and supporting one another.
Accountability We take complete, personal responsibility for our actions and commitments.
Continuous Improvement We seek to relentlessly improve our performance in every area – clinical, operational, and financial – constantly   pushing ourselves to new heights.