SCA History

SCA was created in 1982 by Joel Gordon, a healthcare services pioneer, Andrew “Woody” Miller, an HCA executive, and Jack Massey, a co-founder of HCA and American venture capitalist.

After successfully becoming a national leader, our company was bought in 1997. We re-launched as a stand-alone company in 2007 and embarked on a nationwide, democratic process to select our values, as we also updated our mission and vision.

 Today, we have grown to more than 200 surgical facilities, 8,000 teammates, and more than 7,500 physicians who perform 1 million procedures in SCA facilities each year.

In partnership with leading health systems, health plans & medical groups.


Our focus on building strategic relationships with our partners enables us to acquire, develop and optimize facilities in an aligned economic model that enables better access to high-quality care at lower cost.

SCA facilities generate over $2 billion in revenue, enabling significant investments in systems and processes that create measurable impact.

Clinical Systems:  (e.g., clinical toolkits and checklists, clinical training, and detailed clinical variance analyses)

Operating Systems:  (e.g., schedule efficiency, supply chain management, benchmarking)

Financial Systems:  (e.g., precise case costing and analytics)